Scott Thompson: We’ll see you on Locke Street Saturday!

What happened last Saturday night on Locke Street in Hamilton opened our eyes in many ways.

It’s not very often hooded terrorists, claiming to be ungovernable, trash a flourishing community.

It’s not often Hamiltonians question why their city officials have not reacted sooner, to this well-documented violence related to Hamilton’s renaissance and resurgence.

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It’s not often city politicians have to symbolically denounce this terrorist type of activity publically, five days after the fact, because citizens are not convinced they are united in their message. That message: There is nothing positive or to be gained by violent anarchy.

It has drawn more attention to the gentrification discussion, but I’m not sure all positive. I just hope that isn’t lost in the stupidity of such an act.

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Most importantly, it once again proves what resilience this city has, how each and every Hamiltonian pulls together when things are tough.

I remember saying when I first came here in 1990, this is a city that would give you the shirt off its back if in need.

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We have already seen the outpouring for Locke Street as citizens show support with their attendance and dollars. Now that’s capitalism!

We will see it again on Saturday when the city shows up to support Locke Street. Visit for more information.

We’ll see you there!

Scott Thompson hosts The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.


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