Sentencing of former Surrey Sikh temple president in wife’s manslaughter adjourned to next week

Narinder Kalsi was assaulted by her husband in 2014. She died after being taken off life support on July 20 that same year. File photo

On what was supposed to be his sentencing Thursday, Baldev Singh Kalsi announced that he had fired his lawyer, and wanted two weeks to talk to his new counsel.

The judge adjourned proceedings to March 12 .

Kalsi pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the violent 2014 death of his wife Narinder Kalsi late last November, with Crown and defence agreeing to an 11-year sentence in February — but they couldn’t agree on credit for time served.

The Crown wants 16 months while defence is asking for 21 months, saying Kalsi was beaten in pretrial custody and suffered internal brain bleeding.

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Court previously heard that Baldev struck his wife with his fists, stomped on her, and bashed her with an iron in their family home.

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He didn’t call paramedics, but instead went to a friend’s house with police not being notified until their son made the call.

Narinder died a week after she was taken off life support.

Kalsi was the president of the Brookside Sikh Temple.

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