Residents, businesses weigh in on proposed 20-storey high-rise in Inglewood

Conceptual rendering of proposed building. Provided

The community of Inglewood is known for its historic landmarks. They’re what makes the neighbourhood extra special for longtime resident, Arlee Bar.

“It’s one of the oldest areas in Calgary. It’s got a historic flavour to it,” Bar said.

However these days, she’s left with a bitter taste after hearing plans for new construction in the community.

The site in east Inglewood at 7 Avenue and 19 Street could be home to a 20-storey high-rise.

“I don’t understand the mentality of people coming in here and then trying to change it so that it looks like the East Village,” Bar said.

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“It’s a bold proposal for a tower,” Daniel MacGregor with B&A Planning Group said. “But not only good for the community, but something of a landmark as well.”

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“At the base, we’ll have a 14-townhouse unit, we’ll try and make that respond to the historic character Inglewood neighbourhood.”

Gian-Carlo Carra, councillor for Ward 9 said he doesn’t fully support the idea, but wants to have a serious conversation about it.

“We’re all a little freaked about how intense that is,” Carra said.

“The community of Inglewood, for decades now, has identified that empty hole as a place where we can put some density.”

The planning group sent out nearly 700 brochures to Inglewood residents and businesses.

Out of just 17 responses, five were in support of the tower.

The operator of the Centex gas station across the street, Ameen Hamirani, considers the investment a win-win.

“It’ll be good for the business too, the more people will stay there, the more people coming here to buy,” Hamirani said. “Good for the community too. It might go up in the value of their houses too.”

There’s another problem that could stall the project from reaching new heights.

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The property is in a flight path. The city would need an exemption from the province before it can approve the project.

The developer is holding open houses on Feb. 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cold Garden Beverage Company.

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