Vancouver City Council approves Women’s Equity Strategy

Vancouver City Council passes Women's Equity Motion on Wednesday January 17th. Catherine Evans/Twitter

The City of Vancouver is going ahead with a 10-year strategy it believes will bring in equality for women.

Known as the Women’s Equity Strategy, it targets issues of safety, access to childcare, affordable housing and leadership.

Proponent Tina Strehlke, who is also serving as the interim CEO at Minerva B.C., says many people just accept the situations that block women from leadership positions without even thinking about it.

“That identity as a leader gets halted because some of the models don’t fit what fits for them as a leader; because we have these preconceived constructs and notions in our mind about what it is and what it shouldn’t be.”

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At the council meeting on Wednesday Jan. 17, Strehlke also noted that while women are achieving equal ranks in education, this is not being mirrored in the workforce.

“Which says that there are things that are structural that are holding women back, because it’s not about education or qualifications or talent, it’s about other things that are systemic,” she said.

One of the initiatives includes the city promising to increase new hires for senior management roles to 50 per cent women.