London city council signs off on no-touch bylaw

London's City Hall on Dufferin Avenue in downtown London. 980 CFPL

London city council decided to uphold the status quo when it comes to the no-touch bylaw for strip clubs.

Councillors held a final vote on its business licencing bylaw which includes new rules around strip clubs and body rub parlours.

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The no-touch rule between customers and employees in strip clubs was hotly debated over the last few months.

Those in favour of the rule felt getting rid of it would go against federal legislation.

Those who wanted to see it overturned argued workers should be able to choose for themselves whether they want to engage in touch.

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Speaking during last night’s meeting, Coun. Virginia Ridley said they tried to engage all sides in their consultations.

“We talked a lot with staff about making additional strides and working very hard to look through those different lenses and looking at how we’re engaging people.”

Councillors voiced their support for further consultations with sex workers moving forward and to make sure those consulted feel comfortable coming forward.

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