Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx gives Edmonton charity a social media shout-out

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx recorded a video for Delivering Compassion YEG on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017. Courtesy, Jeff Tetz

A group of Edmontonians that collects warm winter clothing for the city’s homeless has received a Hollywood-sized shout-out.

Jeff Tetz, who organizes Delivering Compassion YEG and goes by Santa YEG on Twitter, ran into actor Jamie Foxx while at a gym in Denver, Colo. on Saturday morning.

In hopes of garnering more clothing donations, Tetz asked the Oscar winner to tape a short video shout-out, that he then posted on social media.

“Let me tell you, there’s a few things that I love. Let me tell you what I love,” Foxx said in the short video.

“Jamie loves Santa YEG. So get those donations going, get those clothes going. Let’s put a smile on people’s face and let’s give back. Peace.”

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Delivering Compassion YEG is hoping to help more than 2,000 Edmonton people in need this winter. The group is collecting donations of warm winter clothing to hand out to those living on the streets.

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Tetz and his volunteers have partnered with Franworks Group of Companies, which owns the restaurants State and Main and Original Joe’s, to accept donations of new or gently used clothes at all their Edmonton locations. Donations can be dropped off until the end of January.

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