Ex-Liberal member Guy Ouellette alleges muzzling by anti-corruption unit

Liberals respond to allegations against UPAC
ABOVE: The Quebec Liberal government has announced two decisions in light of allegations against the province's anti-corruption squad. Global's Matt Grillo reports.

Former Liberal backbencher Guy Ouellette says he’s being muzzled by the province’s anti-corruption unit in an attempt to silence him.

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In an exclusive interview with 98.5 FM conducted Friday and aired Monday, Ouellette says he fears he won’t make it back to the legislature this week to be able to speak out.

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That’s why Ouellette granted the interview after seeking refuge at Cogeco’s Montreal headquarters with former Transports Quebec whistleblower Annie Trudel.

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At a news conference Monday, Quebec’s Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux announced Quebec’s auditor general will verify the process in which Quebec’s financial markets regulator grants authorization to companies to work with the provincial government.

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Coiteux is also making a push to make UPAC more transparent.

“Our concern is to maintain the trust and the confidence of Quebecers in their institutions,” Coiteux said. “When you read things like this in the newspapers, when you listen to those allegations like the ones we’ve listened to and read about today, confidence may be shaken.”

WATCH BELOW: Last week, Quebec politician Guy Ouellette voluntarily withdrew from the Liberal caucus after being arrested in relation to an investigation by UPAC.

Quebec politicians shocked by Guy Ouellette arrest
Quebec politicians shocked by Guy Ouellette arrest

On Wednesday, Ouellette, 65, was arrested in connection with an investigation by the unit, known as UPAC, into an important information leak to the media last April.

He has not been charged.

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In the interview, Ouellette denies being behind any leak and says he was set up by authorities and was targeted because he was an obstacle to a bill that would see UPAC become an independent police entity.