‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ star Ryan Stiles comes to London as ‘Whose Live Anyway’ hits Centennial Hall

Whose Live Anyway comes to Centennial Hall Friday, September 15 at 7:30 p.m.

It’s going to be a raucous night at Centennial Hall as the Whose Live Anyway troupe comes to town.

The show is a live version of the popular improve comedy Whose Line is it Anyway?

The cast is made up of Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Jeff Davis, and Joel Murray.

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Stiles says the live show is a little different from the TV version.

“A lot of times on Whose Line the suggestion will be on cards that Aiesha will read, and they have come down from producers. In this show we get all of our suggestions from the audience, and I think we use the audience more in this show than we do on Whose Line. It’s just a quicker pace,” he said on AM980’s the Andrew Lawton Show.

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Stiles says their group has great chemistry.

“We don’t mix up the people in this group because we just click, you know? When someone hasn’t got something to say, someone else always has something to say. I’ve really been lucky in my career. If I’d stayed with stand-up I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with my heroes. I’ve worked with Sid Caesar, Jonathan Winters, Carol Burnett, Tim Conway. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I did stand-up,” he said.

Whose Live Anyway starts at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Tickets are still available through Centennial Hall’s box office.

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Stiles says he loves seeing multiple generations enjoy the show.

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“It seems like the people who used to watch it, their kids are watching it now. It’s very odd. We get such a wide range of people. We get eight-year-olds to 80-year-olds. I don’t know, I try not to analyze it too much. I’m just happy people are coming,” he said.

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