‘I’m a Nazi’: Calgary woman verbally, racially attacked by man near Winnipeg

Click to play video '‘I’m a Nazi’: Woman verbally attacked by self proclaimed Nazi in Manitoba' ‘I’m a Nazi’: Woman verbally attacked by self proclaimed Nazi in Manitoba
WARNING: Video contains graphic language and content. This video was posted to Facebook and shows a verbal and racial tirade near Winnipeg, Man. – Aug 23, 2017

Warning: This story contains graphic language and content

UPDATE: ‘Turbaners wouldn’t leave me alone’ –  Manitoba man from shocking ‘I’m a Nazi’ video responds

In a video posted to Facebook, a man can be seen shouting aggressive racial slurs at a Muslim woman outside Winnipeg, Man.

Kaniz Fatima was a teacher in Manitoba and moved to Calgary three years ago to continue her career. She came back to Winnipeg in July to visit family, when the video was taken.

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“We were visiting our family, that was right after Canada Day. We were in the mood of celebrating Canada,” Fatima told Global News in Calgary.

Fatima said her and her family wanted to go exploring and set out for Pinawa, Man. when they got lost near Seven Sisters Falls. They decided to ask for directions from two men who were loading up kayaks to a truck nearby.

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One of the men responded by giving Fatima and her family the finger while shouting racial obscenities and declared he was a Nazi. Fatima’s family started to record the outburst.

“I’m a f— Nazi b—!” the man can be heard shouting. “Take your head towel off in this country.”

Man seen in video shouting at Kaniz Fatima after Canada Day in Manitoba. Facebook / Submitted

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Fatima was surprised by his angry response but felt that she needed to stand up for herself.

“I was shocked with the term he used, he proclaimed himself Nazi, so I was so shocked,” Fatima said. “Then I thought I need to stand up and raise my voice and I need to let him know that I belong to this country as much as he does.”

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“I can dress however I want,” Fatima said in the video. “I live here, I pay taxes, I have a job.”

About halfway through the video, two women can be seen approaching from the background.

“Excuse me sir, what’s your problem? They have just as much right to be here as you do,” one of the women can be heard shouting at the man before addressing Fatima. “You don’t even have to explain yourself because you’re just as much Canadian as he is.”

“They actually presented real Canada, Canadian values like inclusion,” Fatima said of the women. “I felt very proud of them, they are the role model for other Canadians that we have to stand up, we can not just let it happen.”

Fatima moved to Canada from Bangladesh in 2009 and became a Canadian citizen in 2014. Fatima is filing an online report with police.

“I would like to tell my Muslim sisters who are in hijab, that they need to know that they might also experience same kind of situation and if that happens they should raise their voice, they should speak up against racism, against Islamophobia and for their right.”

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