Old Mosaic Stadium memorabilia set for online auction

While attention turns to the shiny new stadium for Canada Day, memorabilia from Old Mosaic is being dismantled and sold in an online auction. Jules Knox reports on how you can get your hands on your own little piece of history.

Rider Nation will be able to buy their little piece of history next week.

Memorabilia from the old Mosaic stadium will be up for an online auction starting July 5.

“Anything that is portable would be available for sale,” Jill Hargrove, City of Regina’s facility management services director, said.

Portable assets include everything from signage and seatbacks to generators, field lighting and even the kitchen sink.

“Typically the city will look at opportunities to salvage materials from any of our renovation projects,” Hargrove said. “But there’s also the memorabilia. Some of the items that typically wouldn’t be something someone would be interested in, may hold interest because of the memory.”

Rider nation has expressed interest in the keepsakes.

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“I would take some of the turf and some of the benches,” Jean Van Nus said.

“There’s those big murals of big players. I’m not sure where the heck I would put it, but it would be cool to have,” Conrad Hewitt said.

“I’d want a seat, one seat,” Alyssa Hicks said.

“Maybe a piece of the bench I sat on for 12 years, that might be nice just to put on the wall as a piece of the memory,” Ross Teneycke said. “It’s been a great stadium for us and it would be nice to have a piece of it.”

McDougall Auctions will host the event online starting July 5. A closing date hasn’t been confirmed, but it will likely run until the week of July 25, Hargrove said.

Prices haven’t been announced yet, but many fans said they were willing to pay a couple hundred dollars for memorabilia.

“I think it’s better than just demolishing it and hauling away garbage. I love it,” Hewitt said.

Money raised will go toward the demolition of the old stadium, which will begin in the fall of this year and hopefully finish by April, Hargrove said.

The 20 acres of land will then be part of the Regina Revitalization Initiative.

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