MLA calling for more surveillance at The Forks after peeping tom experience

NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine is warning about an experience with a peeping tom at The Forks. .
NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine is warning about an experience with a peeping tom at The Forks. . Global News / File

It was an unexpected invasion of privacy in the most unexpected spot that now has MLA Nahanni Fontaine speaking out.

The NDP MLA said someone tried to film her in a washroom at the Johnston Terminal at The Forks.

Fontaine was in the area filming with an out of province crew when she said she popped in to use the nearby washroom. But seconds after she sat down a camera appeared.

“Next thing I know, under the door pops this white camera,” Fontaine said. “It took me a second or two to figure out what was going on and then I just screamed.”

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Fontaine posted a warning on her Facebook page Tuesday morning, just minutes after the incident happened.

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Fontaine said she quickly got herself sorted and ran out of the washroom but was unable to find the culprit. The politician said she is going public with the incident as a warning to other women and girls.

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“My concern is for the thousands of women and teenage girls who use that bathroom,” Fontaine said.

“That is so egregious. It’s so offensive and so invasive and that’s what I’m enraged about… that somebody would do that and someone would think that’s alright.”

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There’s about a half inch gap between the bottom of the door and the floor of the single stall washroom, which is standard code according to the management group.

Marwest, the group that manage’s Johnston Terminal, said this is the first incident of this kind they have heard of at that location.

“I can tell you right now we’ve had nothing like that happen in all the years that I’ve been here since 1992,” Business Development Manager John Bruce said. “This is the first time.”

It’s an extremely busy area. The washroom is on the north side of the building directly beside a set of doors that exit to the street. Bruce said it’s a bold move for someone to make.

“They are taking an awful chance,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to be the one caught.”

The company said it will be installing a surveillance camera that points directly towards both the men’s and women’s washrooms in that area of the building.

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