Young San Jose Sharks fan demonstrates high character after bullied at Edmonton Oilers game

Ty Smith donates $1,500 to the Kids with Cancer Society after being bullied at Edmonton Oilers playoff game for being a San Jose Sharks fan, Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Geoff Stickle, Global News

An 11-year-old boy is showing generosity and maturity after going through a difficult experience during an Edmonton Oilers playoff game.

Ty Smith and his dad, Terry, say he was bullied at Rogers Place during a playoff game between the Oilers and Sharks because Ty is a San Jose fan.

Terry says several people cursed, yelled and pushed his son because he was wearing a Sharks jersey.

“Walking into the game we had a couple people come up to Ty wearing his Sharks jersey and started swearing at him, bullying him during the game,” Terry said.

“During the second intermission we go down the stairs to get Ty a pop and a couple people started pushing Ty around and started swearing at him, belittling him and calling him every kind of name there is in the book.”

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The situation got so bad Terry told his son to take off his jersey at the end of the game to avoid further harassment.

“We took off the jersey just to be safe. We get out of the building super quickly and then we get in to the truck and we just leave, then I get to put my Sharks jersey back on and get all excited and jumpy,” Ty said.

After the incident, a GoFundMe page was started to raise money for Ty so he could buy more Sharks gear. A total of $1,500 was raised, but instead of spending the money on himself, Ty decided to donate it to the Kids with Cancer Society.

“I’d rather donate it to Kids with Cancer because my grandpa died of lung cancer and my grandma has breast cancer right now, so I thought I’d donate it to something that’s better than me spending it all on Sharks stuff,” Ty said.

Ty presented a cheque to the Kids with Cancer Society during Wednesday’s CISN in the Mornings with Chris, Jack & Matt.

Ty says he has received support from around Edmonton since the incident.

“At my school I’ve had lots of support. Even at one restaurant, the guy said whatever team you cheer for is the team you cheer for,” Ty said.

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“At Costco, I had a till girl and she was being super nice and she kept on saying all nice stuff to me.”

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