Single Momtreal: An online resource for single mothers across Montreal

Nadia Azoulay with her son, Aidan. Nadia Azoulay/Facebook

Nadia Azoulay has always been a single mother.

Since giving birth to her son, Aidan, five years ago, the 34-year-old has been searching for resources to help single parents.

“You’re a single mom and you’re in a situation where you need someone to help you because things are overwhelming,” she told Global News.

“I’m sure many women don’t know about [what resources are available], so I wanted to help them.”
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She created a Facebook page, called Single Momtreal, in the hopes of bringing single mothers together across the island.

In 10 days, the page has already gathered over 100 members.

The aim is to combine resources, share stories and help each other in any way possible.

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“I want them to join to know about the resources and give them the opportunity to feel better to improve their situation,” she said.

“Single moms who are struggling or who will be struggling, I want to be an extra resource for them.”

Azoulay, who grew up in Kirkland but currently lives in TMR, says she suffered from anxiety and had to work hard to overcome many challenges.

“A lot of things have been going on in my life. It was really tough,” she told Global News.

“It’s hard for me to not have that inner reflection or time to exercise or take care of myself.”

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She realized other single parents must be going through similar struggles, and that’s why she decided to create the group.

Azoulay has also taken it on herself to collect items and give away donated prizes to distribute to mothers who need them.

So far, she’s given away a free dental check-up and free tax filing.

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Azoulay said she one day hopes to turn the community into a non-profit organization to help both single mothers and single fathers.

“For single moms that are OK financially, it’s to get them together so they don’t feel isolated: make friends, maybe babysitting — anything. Everybody needs a break,” she said.

“It takes a village to raise children; this is the concept too. Who knows, maybe you have a neighbour who’s a single mom and you don’t know.”

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