London Medical Network announces $6.8 million 3D printing partnership with Western U and Renishaw PLC

Dr. Michael Strong, Dean of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry discusses the benefits and importance of 3D printing in medical and surgical solutions on April 21, 2017. @westernu

The Forest City is on track to become the North American leader in 3-D printing for medical and surgical solutions.

The London Medical Network is partnering with Western University and Renishaw PLC to establish a new research, development and commercialization centre to create medical instruments and surgical solutions using the technique.

LMN announced a $6.8 million investment to develop the Additive Design in Surgical Solutions Centre at Western University’s Discovery Park.

The centre will create innovative instruments and products that can be marketed to the dental, orthopedic and medical-device sector throughout North America and around the world.

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“The London Medical Network aims to make our city a global leader in medical research and innovation in order to improve health care around the world,” said Dr. Michael Strong, dean of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University and a member of the LMN Governing Council. “Today’s announcement is a tremendous next step toward realizing that vision.”

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The technology will allow for the creation and commercialization of personalized 3-D-printed tools and implants such as hip and knee joints.

“I know it sounds a bit bizzare, but the same properties that apply to a motor vehicle or a piece of machinery can be applied to the human body,” said Paul Paolatto, CEO for the ADEISS Centre. “It’s bio-compatible, it’s safe and it’s proven. But most importantly, [it’s] designed to make it much easier for the patient to recover and get on with living a good life.”


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Renishaw is expected to provide London’s research and business development community with immediate access to sophisticated 3-D precision printing technology platforms.

“[London] is a great nucleus of talent, if applied towards job creation and economic development, we should be very successful,” Paolatto said. “What [information technology] is to Waterloo, the medical sector and medical manufacturing would be to London.”

According to Paolatto, the collaboration will provide startup companies, learners and trainees with an environment to develop and test products for use in the health care sector.

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