McCord Museum celebrates 50 years of Aislin cartoons

Aislin: 50 years of cartoons at the McCord Museum
WATCH: Terry Mosher, more famously known as Aislin, is celebrating 50 years of rattling the cage with his pen. As Global's Matt Grillo reports, the 50-year cartoonist now has an exhibition at the McCord Museum.

His cartoons have been gracing the pages of the Montreal Gazette for decades and now they’ll make their way into a museum.

Terry Mosher, commonly known as Aislin, will have 50 of his best cartoons entered as part of an exhibit of his work.

Throughout the decades, Aislin has taken aim at some of the biggest names in politics while also addressing some pressing issues in our society.

“I wasn’t even too sure at the beginning if this is what I wanted to do for a living,” Mosher said. “It seemed to work out very quickly.”

Through his drawings, Aislin has caused controversy throughout the years.

“When he gets people outraged, 99.9 per cent of the time, it’s because this is an important issue and people are very divided about it,” Montreal Gazette editor Lucinda Chodan said.

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After 50 years, Aislin plans to scale back his production in the future, and he’ll be passing the torch to others.

“I’ve been coaching a bunch of younger cartoonists to sort of step in for me,” Mosher said. “We’ve had some real success with a couple of them.”

The exhibit will open to the public on Friday.