Alberta man says he found piece of metal bolt in jumbo Costco muffin

Click to play video: 'Bolt allegedly found inside Costco muffin' Bolt allegedly found inside Costco muffin
WATCH ABOVE: A man said he bought a six-pack of muffins at the Okotoks Costco and found part of a metal bolt baked inside one of them. – Mar 11, 2017

A High River man says he bought a six-pack of muffins at the Okotoks Costco and found part of a metal bolt baked inside one of them.

Ron Lingnau said he and his wife were doing their monthly shopping run at around 12:30 p.m. on Friday. One of their usual purchases is a six-pack of Costco’s signature jumbo muffins.

When they brought them home, something didn’t look right.

“My wife and I were wrapping them up for lunches and my wife was moving them off the island to the counter and something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye,” Lingnau said.

Sticking out of the top of one of the banana-chocolate muffins was what appeared to be part of a bolt, according to Lingnau.

Ron Lingnau / Courtesy

“Three quarters of it was cooked into the muffin and about a quarter of it was sitting on top of the muffin,” Lingnau said. “It wasn’t the top (of the bolt) where you’d put a wrench on or anything. It would have been the bottom. The threaded part of the bolt.”

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Lingnau returned the muffins to the store where he said a manager cut into the one in question and removed what appeared to be a metal object.

WATCH BELOW: A manager at Costco in Okotoks cuts into a muffin and removes what appears to be a metal object (Ron Lingnau / Courtesy)

Click to play video: 'Costco manager removes object from muffin' Costco manager removes object from muffin
Costco manager removes object from muffin – Mar 11, 2017

He left the muffin and object with the store to investigate but said he didn’t get the impression Costco was taking his concerns seriously.

“I’m not looking for any financial gain whatsoever.”

“My main concern is that a little kid didn’t bite into it or myself or my son or my wife.”

“Where is the rest of this bolt? The top end of the bolt, the washer, the nut? Is it in the rest of these muffins? Are they still using this equipment? Is it still dropping pieces into the other muffins? Is the public going to be notified?”

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No one from the Costco store in Okotoks was available for an interview but a spokesperson from the head office in Ottawa said the company is aware of the incident and is investigating.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it encourages people to report food safety concerns on its website. The CFIA said all complaints are investigated.

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