Spring arrives early in London, temperature could hit 17 C Wednesday

Spring arrives early in London, temperature could hit 17 C Wednesday - image

The first day of spring is officially a month away but it will feel like spring this week in London.

Double digit highs are in the forecast for the entire work week with a high of 17 C possible Wednesday

This comes after London set weather records during the long Family Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Environment Canada meteorologist Rob Kuhn told AM980 this isn’t normal.

“Getting temperatures in the Forest City of near plus 10 for a day maybe two in February does happen, but usually it’s not sunny. It’s generally going to cloudy, breezy, probably showers at times and dull but getting two sunny mild spring-like days in a row this time of the year in February is quite uncommon.”

It’s unlikely a weather record will be set Tuesday. The high is expected to reach 12 C, 2.4 degrees lower than the record set in 1997. It’s likely a record will fall Wednesday with the temperature possibly rising to 17 C. Even if it doesn’t, all it has to do is rise above the record of 9.1 C set in 1981.

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If it does hit 17 C, Kuhn said it would be extremely rare.

“That is going to be very close to the warmest all-time reading ever recorded in the London-area for February. This is a day I remember well, it was Feb. 26, 2000 when temperatures in London reached 17.8 C and we do have a shot at getting that at this point.”

Kuhn said some forecasts even suggest it’s possible, but not likely, the mercury could hit 18 C on Wednesday.

Londoners could be forgiven if they think spring has come early, it doesn’t officially arrive until March 20.

Double-digit highs are possible all week with a high of 12 C expected on Thursday and 11 C on Friday.

It will cool off dramatically for the weekend with a high of 3 C on Saturday and -2 C on Sunday.

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