Ontario man reunited with $100K left inside old television

File photo of a Barrie police cruiser.
File photo of a Barrie police cruiser. Barrie Police Service / Facebook

BARRIE, Ont. – Police in Barrie, Ont., are commending employees at a recycling centre after more than $100,000 was found inside an old television.

The set was dropped off at Global Electric Electronic Processing more than a year ago, but workers didn’t get around to dismantling it until last month.

When they peeked inside, they found a cash box and banking records dating back to 1985.

The employees called police, who traced the records to a 68-year-old man in Bolsover, Ontario.

It turns out he had inherited the money from his parents, then put it away for a rainy day and forgot about it.

He subsequently gave the television to a family friend, who had no inkling of the treasure behind the screen, and eventually brought it in to be recycled.