Montreal woman hopes to legally challenge alleged gender discrimination in product pricing

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WATCH ABOVE: A Montreal woman is trying to launch a class action lawsuit against eight multi-nationals. Elysia Bryan-Baynes reports – Feb 16, 2017

A Montreal woman is trying to launch a class-action lawsuit against eight multi-national companies.

Aviva Maxwell and her lawyers claim the companies systematically charge more for products sold to women than the identical product sold to men.

Deodorants, shampoos and razors are just some of the products Maxwell’s legal team are researching.

“Per gram, the deodorant stick is 40 per cent more expensive for the feminine product,” lawyer Jamie Benizri told Global News.

Maxwell decided to try and take the matter to court after several shopping trips with her brothers.

“Once you notice something once, you just keep noticing it. It’s time companies go forward to fix this situation. It’s in everyone’s interest,” she said.

Maxwell’s lawyers hope to launch the suit so they can ask the companies to reimburse the price difference between the similar products, as well as to pay $50 in moral damages and $50 in punitive damages.

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It could take up to a year for Maxwell to find out if the court will even here the case.

In the meantime, lawyers are carefully cataloguing ingredients and the weight of various products as evidence.

They’re also asking anyone wishing to join the lawsuit to start saving containers and keeping track of their bills.

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