Pavel Fesyuk, American Ninja Warrior contestant, rescues bystander with Heimlich maneuver

Click to play video: 'Passerby uses Heimlich maneuver to help save man choking' Passerby uses Heimlich maneuver to help save man choking
WATCH: A motorist in Rochester, New York came across a man hunched over outside his vehicle on Tuesday. Pavel Fesyuk’s dash cam caught the moment he approached the man and used the Heimlich maneuver to help save him – Jan 11, 2017

A contestant on the TV reality show “American Ninja Warrior” put some different skills to use when he rescued a motorist who was choking alongside a New York street.

Exterminator Pavel Fesyuk says he was driving a Town and Country Pest Solutions vehicle with his cellphone camera recording video from the dashboard when he spotted a man bent over the trunk of his car Tuesday on a Rochester street.

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The video shows Fesyuk approaching the man, who motions for Fesyuk to pat his back. Fesyuk patted the man’s back, but when that didn’t help, he got behind the man and performed the Heimlich maneuver.

Fesyuk says the man then swallowed whatever was blocking his air passage. The video shows both men heading to their vehicles before driving away.


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