Mayhem at Vancouver fire halls as residents break the line for the free salt

Click to play video: 'Chaos as Vancouver residents scramble for free salt'
Chaos as Vancouver residents scramble for free salt
WATCH: Free salt arrived at several Vancouver fire stations Thursday morning and it took only a matter of minutes for it was all gone. Anxious residents scrambled to fill one small bucket of salt before it all disappeared. – Jan 5, 2017

The City of Vancouver is handing out new salt supplies to residents on Thursday.

But it seems like the salt is such a hot commodity, it’s disappearing within minutes of arriving.

There’s already been one shipment and when it was delivered, people broke from the line and rushed the pile.

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Five minutes later… it was gone.

No one was hurt despite carrying buckets and shovels and rushing the pile.

Some people had been at fire halls since 6 a.m. and were determined to get their hands on the free salt.

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“Pretty crazy,” said one resident saying he has not seen anything like it since Boxing Day sales.

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Day one of the initiative didn’t go too smoothly either. Long lines formed earlier in the day but some of the salt piles had already disappeared overnight with some jumping the gun and picking it up before the 9 a.m. start.

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Police were called in at two fire halls on Wednesday afternoon when crowds got too large and tempers began to flare.

As salt started to run out yesterday an ad popped up on Craigslist selling salt for $80.

There has been some indication this ad was a prank, given the frenzy over the salt supplies.

The salt will be available at the same 10 fire halls as yesterday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. If necessary, salt will also be delivered again before 4 p.m.

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Here are the 10 locations where residents can get salt on Wednesday.

  • Fire Hall #3 – 2801 Quebec St.
  • Fire Hall #4 – 1475 W. 10th Ave.
  • Fire Hall #7 – 1090 Haro St.
  • Fire Hall #12 – 2460 Balaclava St.
  • Fire Hall #13 – 4013 Prince Albert St.
  • Fire Hall #14 – 2804 Venables St.
  • Fire Hall #15 – 3003 E. 22nd Ave.
  • Fire Hall #17 – 7070 Knight St.
  • Fire Hall #19 – 4396 W. 12th Ave.
  • Fire Hall #22 – 1005 W. 59th Ave.

Residents are being asked to bring their bucket and shovel and only take one bucket of salt each.

The City of New Westminster is also handing out a free mix of sand and salt to residents today. They will provide one bucket per resident and it will be available at the city works yard in the 900-block of 1st Street.

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Residents of Mission can also get free sand and salt today at Fire Hall #1, 33330 7th Avenue.

Residents may take up to two five-gallon pails and must bring their own pails and shovels.

In lieu of any charge the District encourages residents picking up mix to consider making a donation to local charities that help those in need through these winter months.

WATCH: Anger and frustration in Vancouver Wednesday, as residents rushed to their local fire halls to get free salt from the city. As Grace Ke reports, it created all kinds of chaos and the problems started early. 
Click to play video: 'Free salt frustrations in Vancouver'
Free salt frustrations in Vancouver

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