Fort McMurray man who lost home in wildfire wins $400K lotto prize: ‘It’s pretty incredible’

Chris Flett won Stollery Children's Hospital Mighty Millions Lottery's 50/50 draw, a prize worth more than $400,000. Global News

A Fort McMurray man got a big boost Thursday as he attempts to rebuild his family’s homes and lives after losing houses in the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Chris Flett won Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation Mighty Millions Lottery’s 50/50 draw, a prize worth more than $400,000.

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“My little brother lost his, he was uninsured. My mom lost hers, she was underinsured. I lost mine but we were insured so it wasn’t as bad,” Flett told Global News. “It was tough and this will go a long way to help a lot of people.”

Fort McMurray resident Chris Flett surveys what’s left of his home following the May wildfires. Chris Flett/ Facebook

Flett said he also planned to give some money to Teen Time Ranch.

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“When we evacuated, (they were) a local charity that basically took hundreds of us in, fed us, took care of us for two months and they’re going to be the first people that I help.

Flett added he also plans to take his family somewhere warm in the winter.

“It was a very dark time at the beginning of the year, not just because of the fire but because of the economy and this is a great finish to the year for myself and my family.”

Flett said he got the call that he won when he was still in bed in the morning and couldn’t believe it at first.

The Fort McMurray wildfire broke out on May 3, 2016 and forced almost 90,000 people in the area to flee their homes.

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