Montreal American Girl doll doctor builds small business from hobby

American Girl doll doctor
WATCH ABOVE: Nancy Gervais started repairing American Girl dolls two years ago and has now turned it into a small business. Global's Matt Grillo reports.

Nancy Gervais started repairing American Girl dolls two years ago, after her daughter received one as a gift the year before.

“I just had to learn to fix them up myself,” Gervais told Global News, adding she looked up YouTube videos on how to fix the dolls.

Now, she’s turned it into a small business, fixing limbs and hair – untangling the dolls’ locks is one of the more common issues.

“I have dolls with hair that come in, it looks horrendous and they go home looking beautiful,” Gervais said.

Her business picked up when she was able to accessorise one child’s doll with hearing aids to match her owner.

Gervais used polymer clay and sticky tack to make the accessory.

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Once she posted her unique project on Facebook, her popularity grew.

“I’ve had people contact me from Barrie, Ontario,” Gervais told Global News.

She explained there are other ways to repair the dolls, but that requires shipping the toys south of the border.

“It costs you. It costs you the shipping there and it costs you the shipping back,” Gervais said.

“It’s all in U.S. funds.”

She pointed out she can have an order completed within a week.

Though she’s unsure of what the future may hold for her business, Gervais said the repairs are a fun hobby.

“I like seeing the smile on the kids’ faces, or even the mothers who are picking up the dolls,” Gervais said.

“They are just incredulous that they’re restored. I like doing it. I just like it.”