Bryan Cranston returns as Walter White to be Donald Trump’s head of DEA on ‘SNL’

WATCH: Bryan Cranston reprised his role as "Walter White" during a cameo on SNL. Cranston's famous character from "Breaking Bad" was named as Donald Trump's pick to head the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency).

President-elect Donald Trump’s unconventional cabinet picks were under scrutiny in the Dec. 10 episode of Saturday Night Live.

The show opened with Trump’s supposed pick for the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – fictional drug lord Walter White – being interviewed.

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Bryan Cranston reprised his role as White, the high school science teacher who started cooking meth to pay for cancer treatments in AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Cranston, who won four Emmy Awards for the role, fell back into the character with ease.

In real life, Trump has been slowly naming his picks for the important roles in his administration, including fast food exec Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary, which came as a blow to unions across the country. He’s also tapped to pick oil tycoon Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, according to reports.

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“Walter’s great, he comes highly recommended by Steve Bannon,” Kate McKinnon, who was playing Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Bannon, the CEO of the so-called alt-right website Breitbart, will be Trump’s chief White House strategist – another controversial pick.

When asked what White knows about drug enforcement, Cranston easily fell back into the Breaking Bad’s character’s story, who had many run ins with the agency over the course of its five-season run.

“Trust me, I know the DEA better than anyone – inside and out,” he said with a knowing laugh.

Walter White also had a lot to say about Trump’s policies.

“I also like that wall he wants to build, nothing coming in from Mexico means a lot less competition for the rest of us.”

He was a bit worried that Congress might be upset he (spoiler alert!) faked his own death, because according to him, he’s only the “third person in the Trump cabinet to do that.”

Watch the sketch above.

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