Scary high-speed chase in L.A. ends after motorist intervenes

Scary high-speed chase in L.A. comes ends after motorist intervenes
WATCH ABOVE: Motorist intervenes to end scary high-speed chase in Los Angeles.

A high-speed car chase in the Los Angeles area ended in arrest on Tuesday after a driver led police on a pursuit.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the pursuit began around 10 p.m. in the Sylmar neighbourhood of Los Angeles. LAPD officials say the man was wanted for DUI, and police had reason to suspect he may be armed.

The chase continued for around an hour, with the suspect’s vehicle hitting speeds of nearly 130 kilomteres per hour.

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At one point, the car spewed sparks when it lost one of the back tires as it sped through streets and roads of Los Angeles County.

It was finally stopped around an hour later by the driver of a pick-up truck, who eventually blocked the suspect on the street after being hit by his vehicle.

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The driver got out of the car without any incident and was taken into custody by officers.

Police suspect the man was driving under the influence.