#GreatMTLer: Rosie Animal Adoption’s Anne Dubé, saviour who gives dogs 2nd chance at life

Click to play video: '#GreatMTLer: Anne Dubé, the saviour at Rosie Animal Adoption' #GreatMTLer: Anne Dubé, the saviour at Rosie Animal Adoption
WATCH ABOVE: Global Montreal's Senior Anchor Jamie Orchard speaks to Anne Dubé, founder and executive director of Rosie Animal Adoption, giving dogs a second chance at life – Dec 1, 2016

Anne Dubé found her true calling in life 15 years ago — simply because she has a love of dogs.

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She is the founder and executive director of Rosie Animal Adoption, a rescue service that runs out of the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital.

“We get home surrenders, pound surrenders, puppy mill surrenders,” she said.

“The phone rings all the time [with] people wanting to surrender their animal or people wanting to adopt an animal.”

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The organization, named after Dubé’s beloved dog, which she rescued at two months of age, is considered a precious resource on the West Island.

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“They told me she was going to be euthanized because of her eye problem,” she told Global News.

“So I took her and she needed her eye removed because her eye was pierced — and she just never left my home.”

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Rosie became the mascot, and the raison d’être of Rosie Animal Adoption, which aims to connect vulnerable pets with loving owners.

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“Some of our other dogs are dogs that have been abandoned in the woods, hit by cars, abused,” said Dubé.

“How resilient they are, how they can still love people after all we’ve done to them.”

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Pierrefonds Animal Hospital vet K.J. Goldenberg adopted five-month-old Ben from Rosie.

“It is so important to have the Rosie staff and volunteers. They rescue dogs that no one else would think to rescue,” he said.

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“They give pound dogs a chance, they give dogs coming from puppy mills a second chance — we need them.”

“Because Rosie works with fosters, they know their personalities. They can really help you match up. They know the right questions to ask.”

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Rosie’s relies heavily on volunteers to keep going.

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“Some of these dogs come in, in terrible terrible shape,” said Zina Hussein, a volunteer at Rosie Animal Adoption.

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“[Dubé is] the epicentre of this rescue, she’s the heart and soul of this rescue. She has the ability to inspire people.”

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“She works 24/7 [and] when she’s not helping dogs, she’s on the phone leading adoptions, helping the fosters that go out, doing paperwork, there’s so much that goes into it.”

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Now, at the age of 67, Dubé jokes that she’s ready to retire, but she’ll never give up on the dogs.

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“If there wasn’t a need for us, I would say ‘good, we can close, there’s no more homeless dogs,’ but until [then], they need a second chance.”

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