Alleged leader of White Boy Posse gang found guilty of manslaughter

Trial for man accused of ordering killing of alleged drug dealer
WATCH ABOVE: On Nov. 15, 2016, Fletcher Kent filed this report as the first-degree murder trial got underway for a man prosecutors said ordered the murder of an alleged Lloydminster drug dealer. The Crown alleged Josh Petrin was the leader of the White Boy Posse and instructed gunmen to kill an associate.

Joshua Petrin, the alleged leader of Edmonton’s White Boy Posse gang, was found guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday in connection with the 2012 death of Bryan Gower, according to Petrin’s Saskatoon lawyer, Brian Pfefferle.

According to Calgary lawyer Markham Silver, who represented Petrin in the Gower trial, while the jury found his client guilty of manslaughter, it found him not guilty of first-degree murder in Gower’s death.

The Crown had argued that while Petrin didn’t actually pull the trigger, he had ordered Gower’s killing because he believed the victim was taking drugs and money from other associates of the White Boy Posse.

According to the Crown’s theory, in September 2012, a man came to Gower looking to buy drugs. He said Gower didn’t have any so he phoned a supplier who happened to be with a gang known as the White Boy Posse. Prosecutor Jeff Rudiak said two gang members set up a meeting with Gower at a rural intersection north of Lloydminster. He said when Gower arrived, the White Boy Posse members boxed in his car and that when Gower got out, gunfire erupted.

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Silver said sentencing submissions for Petrin’s manslaughter conviction are set to begin on Feb. 28.

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Watch below: Described as dangerous and violent, Joshua Petrin was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for a crime that sent shock waves throughout the city of Saskatoon. Meaghan Craig filed this report on Nov. 3, 2016.

Joshua Petrin found guilty in the murder of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos
Joshua Petrin found guilty in the murder of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos

Earlier this month, Petrin was found guilty in the shooting death of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos. In connection with that conviction, Petrin was sentenced to life in prison. He will not be eligible for parole until 2037.

-With files from Fletcher Kent and Meaghan Craig.