Santa’s reindeer head to Japan to deliver pizza

Click to play video: 'Santa’s reindeer head to Japan to deliver pizza' Santa’s reindeer head to Japan to deliver pizza
WATCH: Domino’s is trying to figure out how to get reindeer to deliver pizzas – Nov 28, 2016

Residents in northern Japan may get warm pizzas delivered by Rudolph this Christmas as Domino’s Japan is testing to see if reindeers were suitable for deliveries in the snowy region of Hokkaido.

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Footage released by the company showed reindeer’s trainers and Domino’s staff exploring different delivery options such as mounting a delivery case on reindeer’s back, or making them drag a pizza-laden sleds, as snow falls in the northernmost island of Japan, well known for its blistering year-end cold.

“If it runs properly, it can go as fast as 80 kilometers per hour. It is especially fast on snow as though it’s equipped with snow shoes,” one of the trainers said.

Reindeers are highly cold-resistant and powerful, but the company is making sure they ensure their safety and well-being of the mammal by limiting the maximum weight they deliver.

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The reindeers will be carrying GPS devices for customer to track their location on their smartphones.

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“We will install the same GPS device used on our Domino bikes (on the sled), so customers can check how close the reindeers are to their homes with their smartphones or computers; this will help to increase our productivity,” said another staff.

The company said it hasn’t decided whether reindeers would be used for delivery.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency predicted harsh weather this winter, which means bike deliveries would be a less practical option, the company said in a release.

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