The peach emoji is back, and here to stay

peach emoji

Everything’s peachy again because Apple has restored the original peach emoji, reinstating its defining characteristics.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced its latest iOS 10.2 update, revealing a redesigned version of the peach, one of the most popular emojis. Social media mourned the death of the old peach, which many referred to as a “sexting emoji.”

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Apple appears to have reversed course after the social-media outcry about the peach redesign, which (as you can see above) made it resemble a more accurate, circular fruit shape.

The company released a new beta version of iOS 10.2 to developers on Nov. 14, and the peach butt emoji has been restored to its former glory.

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The number of people who send the peach emoji when they mean “peach” is apparently much smaller than the number of people who send the peach emoji when they are referencing a “bum.”

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The refreshed peach emoji is one of many changes coming with Apple’s iOS 10.2 upgrade. The update also includes a deep roster of totally new emojis, including some very 2016 additions like a clown, Harambe (or just a gorilla) and a disembodied arm taking a selfie.

The peach emoji outcry may seem silly to some, but many people are singing a new tune once they realized the heart-shaped peach illustration has returned as an even plumper peach.

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The new emoji keyboard also includes new career emojis including a doctor, rock star and firefighter, as as well as new emotions and animal characters.

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Kim Kardashian (the real-life human peach emoji) and the rest of the world can rejoice and continue to attach the infamous emoji to all of their selfies.

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