Family saved in water rescue on Winnipeg River

A family was rescued from a sinking boat on the Winnipeg River over the weekend. Darren Wojcik/Facebook

A passing boater acted fast to rescue four people from a sinking boat near Pine Falls, Man. Sunday afternoon.

Darren Wojcik tells Global News he was fishing with two friends on the Winnipeg River when they heard what sounded like someone whistling or screaming.

“We noticed across the river from us a boat that was having some trouble. We thought it was sinking and very quickly it started taking on water,” Wojcik said.

Wojcik said the waves at that time were at least three or four feet high.

Wojcik’s two friends Jeff Sawyer and Paul Martin pulled the two young kids and one of the men onto their boat. Wojcik guessed the kids were about five or six.

Another boat pulled up and Wojcick yelled at them to call 911 and to help the other man out of the water.

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“The water was seven degrees at the time, so that’s a little chilly. We knew they weren’t recreationally swimming,” he said adding everyone was wearing a life jacket.

Wojcik said he doesn’t feel like a hero, he just did what anyone would’ve done.

“I’m just glad we were there,” he said. “If I was in the water I hope someone would’ve come and got me too.”

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