Global National correspondents share their favourite Leonard Cohen songs

Click to play video: 'Leonard Cohen passes away at 82' Leonard Cohen passes away at 82
WATCH: Leonard Cohen, one of Canada's greatest songwriters, passed away at 82. The Montreal native began his career in the 1960s and was still producing critically acclaimed music in 2016. Eric Sorensen has a look back at his life and influence – Nov 11, 2016

The Global National team joins the millions of fans mourning the loss of Canadian music legend Leonard Cohen. Cohen passed away earlier this week at the age of 82. In honour of his talent and influence, here are some of our correspondents’ favourite Cohen tunes.

Dawna Friesen, Global National Anchor

My favourite is “Suzanne.” It speaks to me about ritual and continuity, and hope and love:

“And she shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers. There are heroes in the seaweed, there are children in the morning. They are leaning out for love and they will lean that way forever.”

Mike Le Couteur, Ottawa Correspondent

My favorite is “Hallelujah.” The beauty of the song is that it’s been covered hundreds of times by other artists, each with their own style and their own interpretation of the lyrics and their meaning. Be it a song of struggle in life and love, or an uplifting and joyous anthem.

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Reid Fiest, Alberta Correspondent

For me, it’s the emotional notes and lyrics of “Hallelujah.” A classic I know, but still one of my favourite songs. While Leonard Cohen may not have received the acclaim he deserved for this song initially, it has only grown in popularity over the decades. Other famed artists have covered it beautifully, but it will always be one of Cohen’s best creations, in my mind.

Shirlee Engel, Ottawa Correspondent

“Closing Time.” The Matador – the Toronto tavern that Cohen frequented in the 1960s – was the backdrop for his music video “Closing Time.” I covered the closing of this bar back in 2006 and played some of the video as part of the story. It was a sad day for Cohen fans. But nearly a decade later, a new owner came along and saved it from becoming a parking lot. The venue is being revived to re-open in a few months. It’s fitting, really, as a tribute to an incredibly gifted Canadian artist.

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Robin Gill, B.C. Correspondent/Global National Weekend Anchor

It doesn’t really matter what he sings; it’s just THAT voice. But if I have to pick one song, it’s “Everybody Knows.”

Eric Sorensen, Senior National Affairs Correspondent

I must give over this space to my wife, Pam. She is the one with the CDs and the autograph. She likes “Tower of Song”, which features lyrics about Hank Williams. Like Cohen, Pam is a fan of Williams, and enjoys the wry humour in “Tower of Song” from the singer who “was born with the gift of a golden voice.”

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