CCTV camera captures panda tackle, wrestle man who broke into zoo enclosure

Click to play video 'CCTV camera captures panda bear tackling, wrestling man after he breaks into zoo enclosure' CCTV camera captures panda bear tackling, wrestling man after he breaks into zoo enclosure
WATCH ABOVE: CCTV cameras captured a giant panda tackle and wrestle a man who broke into its enclosure at a zoo in China last week. – Oct 31, 2016

A prankster in eastern China got more than he bargained for when he broke into a giant panda enclosure at a zoo on Oct. 27.

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Security cameras captured the young man break into a pen at a zoo in Nanchang City and attempt to touch the sleeping 12-year-old panda on the head.

The intruder was allegedly showing off to friends by jumping into the enclosure.

Video shows the male panda, named Meiling, wake up and grip the man’s leg.

Zoo authorities said the move is usually used by pandas when they are playing with trainers.

The amusement of playing with a panda soon turned to panic when the 120-kilogram panda pulled the man to the ground.

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The intruder can be seen struggling to free himself from the panda’s grip. Eventually he is able to push Meiling to the ground and free himself.

“The young man left the zoo right after he escaped, and we could not get in touch with him,” said Kuang Huaming, deputy head of the management office of the zoo.

According to witnesses, the man only suffered rips to his pants.

Zoo officials said they are monitoring the panda, but there were no signs of immediate injury.

— With files from The Associated Press and Reuters.

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