Abandoned dog waits for owners on dirty mattress next to trash after family moves out

Abandoned dog waits for owners on mattress after family moves out
WATCH: Dog waits for owners to come back home for nearly a month.

A dog in Detroit has been rescued after spending days sleeping on a discarded mattress after its owners moved out of the home and left the animal behind.

According to WXYZ Detroit, the dog was found sleeping on a mattress next to a pile of furniture after waiting for its owners to return for nearly a month.

Neighbours told the news station the dog was left behind after its owners were evicted from their home.

Mike Diesel of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue was alerted to the dog after a neighbour sent the rescue organization a photo of the lonely animal.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking for him. It’s heartbreaking for anybody that sees it,” Diesel told the Detroit news station.

Apparently, a neighbour left food and water for the dog after seeing Boo’s owners vacate their home.

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“They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Boo,” Diesel explained.

Speaking to FOX2 Detroit, Diesel said it took him several hours and a lot of coaxing to get the animal to warm up to him.

“I spent the entire day earning his trust,” Oliver told the news station. “He was not leaving those belongings because they had the smell of his former owner.”

Eventually, Diesel was able to obtain the dog’s trust and was able to leash the animal and took the pup to a local animal hospital.

For the most part, the dog was said to be in good shape upon arriving at the animal clinic but will have to undergo treatment for a heart worm.

“He is wonderful,” veterinary technician Laura Owens told WXYZ Detroit. “You would think that he would be scared and fearful of people but he is not. He came in here wagging his tail.”

Once healthy, Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue said Boo will be placed into a foster home until the animal is adopted.

“Dogs are the most loyal,” Diesel told the news station. “If we can get humans to be anywhere close to that level of compassion then we would have a much better world.”

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