Oregon police investigating mysterious underground tunnels and caves

Click to play video: 'Oregon police investigating mysterious underground tunnels and caves' Oregon police investigating mysterious underground tunnels and caves
WATCH: Local police give us an inside look into the caves and tunnels discovered in Albany, Oregon. – Aug 8, 2016

Police in Albany, Oregon are trying to figure out exactly who is behind a large network of underground tunnels and caves recently discovered in the area.

The caves dug out underneath large trees are big enough to accommodate a couple of people and are also equipped with a bathroom facility. There are even places for candles along the tunnels to light the way from cave to cave.

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Police have found several people sleeping inside of the caves since discovering them in June, including a man who had multiple warrants out for his arrest for drug possession.

They say they found him with a “large stash” of meth and a drill bit.

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Police believe the hollowed-out dwellings are the work of transients and homeless people.

“Most people that we contact here either are on parole, or probation or had been involved with the correctional system,” Officer Jorge Salang told NBC.

A spokesperson for the city of Albany told NBC a contractor has been hired to take down trees that were killed during the digging of the caves. After that, they plan on filling in the caves.

The estimated cost of the work is $2,200 (U.S).

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