Breakfast Buzz: When is a child old enough for a smartphone?

WATCH ABOVE: When are kids old enough to own their own smartphones? A U.S. Internet safety instructor argues they shouldn't have the devices before high school. Laurel Gregory has more.

There’s no question smartphones are becoming an important part of our society, but at what age should your child join the smartphone club?

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Jesse Weinberger is an Ohio-based internet safety instructor and says that between a child’s lack of maturity and impulse control and all of the mature content available, kids aren’t typically ready for a smartphone until high school.

“When you give your child a smartphone, you are giving them the keys to the kingdom. You’re giving them the keys to reach anything that exists in the internet,” Weinberger said.

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Weinberger recommends when a child does have a smartphone, parents look into parental controls, limiting screen time and keeping phones out of bedrooms at night. She also stresses the need to lay out expectations with a contract.

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What do you think? Do you agree that 14 is the right age, or do you think kids should be allowed smartphones sooner?

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