Bixi and STM partner up for pilot project in Montreal

STM partners with Bixi
WATCH ABOVE: Montrealers will soon be able to use their Opus cards to rent Bixi bikes across the city.

The STM and Bixi are joining forces to offer a pilot project where riders can pay for a Bixi ride using their Opus card.

The project will take off Aug. 1, 2016.

Users will register their Opus card to a Bixi account and then link it to a credit card.

“It’s a major step towards integrated mobility,” STM chairman Philippe Schnobb said.

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Riders will have the choice of 15 different Bixi stations to choose from across Montreal when using their Opus card.

Since the partnership is a pilot project, the results will be used to see if it’s worth continuing in the future.

“We’ll study the results of the pilot. We want people to give their comments about their experience,” Schnobb said.

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“Fifteen stations there across the city, so it’s not only one area, so I think we’ll be able to get enough comments and results to be able to evaluate if it’s a good thing to maintain the project next year.”

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As for credit card safety, Schnobb assures there shouldn’t be any issues.

“The security is managed by very strict regulations so there’s no problem on that side,” he said.

For the month of August, one-way passes will be offered at $2 rather than the regular $2.95 fee.

The pilot project will end Nov. 15, 2016.