‘I love him more than my first two wives’: Regina Lowe’s employee with service dog reveals life story

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A special team of employees roamed the aisles at the grand opening of Lowe’s new Regina location on Thursday.

“Guess what, I’m stuck with Blue [his service dog] and he’s stuck with me,” Owen Lima said.

Lima gained international attention recently following the social media support regarding Lowe’s decision to hire him and his service dog at the company’s new store.

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Owen Lima’s service dog “Blue”
Owen Lima’s service dog “Blue” File/Global News

“I love him more than my first two wives,” he joked.

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They’ve been together nearly a decade, and created a bond that is well known in the community.

Before getting hired by Lowe’s, Lima had a hard time finding work.

“I’ve gone to apply at work with my dog and they laughed at me,” Lima recounted.

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“I had a head injury and a brain stem injury,” he said.

Lima added it’s because of a mistake he made 40 years ago.

“Drinking and driving and being a disobedient kid.”

Now at age 55, Lima looks back at life with no regrets.

Instead, he acknowledges how lucky he is to be alive and have Blue in his life despite having to relearn how to do everything.

“At least I got to learn. I’m six feet above ground. I’m not below, I’m not dead.”

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“My disabilities are normal now, I’m normal,” Lima said.

“It’s not just a story, it’s my life.”