‘Josh was a good person and I’m angry that bad won’: Brentwood victim’s family copes

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WATCH ABOVE: He was a brilliant musician -- who discovered his talent behind a drum set early on in life. Josh Hunter had a natural ability to shine on stage. But his potential to be greater than he imagined was lost at the age of 23. Here’s Jill Croteau with more on how his devastated family is coping – May 17, 2016

At 23 years old, he already seemed to have it all figured out. Josh Hunter’s family was in awe of how he lived.

They try every single day to honour the man he was, and not focus on the day he died.

Josh Hunter, along with four others, lost their lives at an end-of-the-year university party in Calgary’s Brentwood community on April 15, 2014.

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Josh Hunter’s parents, Kelly and Barclay.

Hunter’s mother, Kelly, is hurt and devastated.

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“He should be here. He deserves to be here. My heart is broken.”

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Josh’s younger sister, Michaela, said her family was robbed of so much.

“He was supposed to be there for the rest of my life, and that’s gone now.”

“If everyone lived like he did the world would be a different place.”

The grieving family tries to keep their anger at bay.

“I’m not angry at an individual and that’s tough for me to say,” Josh’s cousin, Shane Love said. “I’m angry it happened. Josh was good, and I’m angry that bad won.”

Josh Hunter was an accomplished musician who embraced his talents behind a drum set. His natural abilities to shine on stage are fondly remembered by his family every time the look at his beloved instrument.
WATCH: Josh’s father, Barclay Hunter, shares his thoughts about his son’s legacy and speaks about how his son would want him to move on. Josh’s mom, Kelly Hunter, talks about a longtime friend of her son’s and their enduring friendship. Josh’s younger sister, Michaela Hunter, shares how thoughtful and insightful her brother was, and Josh’s cousin, Shane Love, shares his memories and thoughts about the future he will miss.
Click to play video: 'A stolen future: Josh Hunter’s family mourns what will never be' A stolen future: Josh Hunter’s family mourns what will never be
A stolen future: Josh Hunter’s family mourns what will never be – May 17, 2016

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