Lauryn Hill blasted by fans after she shows up late to concert — again

Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill performs during the Black Girls Rock! 2016 show at New Jersey Performing Arts Center on April 1, 2016. . Brian Killian/Getty Images

Former Fugees rapper Lauryn Hill says the “artistic process” made her over two hours late for her concert in Atlanta, Ga. on Friday night.

Hill appeared onstage with less than an hour to go before an 11 p.m. noise curfew at Atlanta’s Chastain Park Amphitheatre, resulting in fewer than 40 minutes of actual performing.

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Among other things, Hill blamed her driver and her inability to sync her “energy with the time.”

“I don’t have an on/off switch,” she said in a post on Facebook. “I am at my best when I am open, rested, sensitive and liberated to express myself as truthfully as possible.”

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Fans turned to Twitter and other social media sites to vent their frustrations.

A fan at the concert managed to record a conversation with Hill as she arrived onstage, and her excuse about her driver doesn’t quite mesh with her Facebook explanation.

In her Facebook post, Hill asserts that it’s not that she “doesn’t care,” and vows to make it up to her fans in some way in the near future.

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Hill famously failed to show up at the Grammy Awards earlier this year despite a scheduled performance with The Weeknd, and it still hasn’t been confirmed why.