Animal activists call on Le Berger Blanc to shut down

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Protesters demand closure of Le Berger Blanc
WATCH ABOVE: Animal activists gathered in front of Montreal City Hall Saturday morning demanding the city take action. Protesters are calling for the closure of Le Berger Blanc, a Montreal-area animal shelter, plagued by allegations of animal abuse. Felicia Parrillo reports – Apr 23, 2016

MONTREAL – Dozens of pets and their owners gathered in front of Montreal City Hall Saturday morning to send a strong message.

“[We] want them shut down,” said protester, Eileen Carriere. “We want the city to listen, want people to get out and put on their big boy pants and speak for the animals who have no voice and who can’t speak for themselves.”

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Since 2011, Le Berger Blanc has been plagued with allegations of animal cruelty, and protesters said the shelter’s conditions and practices are only getting worse.

“I don’t think the city thinks it’s as serious as it is,” said animal activist, Maia Carriere. “I feel like a lot of people don’t know the issue. So many people think it’s just a shelter but it’s really not, it’s nothing like that.”

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Protest organizer, Manon Pelchat, insists the SPCA take in the animals who are under the shelter’s care.

She told Global News that she won’t stop until there’s justice or until the shelter closes its doors.

Back in February, there was uproar when the city of Laval awarded the controversial shelter with a contract to become its animal services provider.

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Laval said despite its reputation, the shelter came in at the lowest bidder.

Activists say it’s time the province makes a change.

“Today in this day and age to have these animals in these types of conditions is just unbelievable,” said Eileen Carriere. “We’re not a third world country, but yet we’re portrayed as one.”

Global News reached out to the establishment for comment, but our calls were not returned.”


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