Class of 2016: Student brings social justice awareness to her school

WINNIPEG — Part of the Seven Oaks School Division, MET School is smaller, specialized school for students who know exactly what they’re looking for.

A school where each student’s experience is concentrated on goals that are relevant to the student and connected to the real world. Grade 12 student Sarah Carr knew early on that this was the school for her.

Transferring from Garden City Collegiate (which the MET school has a partnership with) halfway through her Grade 9 year, Sarah has accomplished a lot in her time there.

Early on, Sarah would approach teachers with ideas with ways to include all students especially in areas that surround social justice.

There was an art project she spearheaded in her sophomore year that she envisioned would be able to bring the whole school together.

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She constructed a tree out of paper mache and then asked students to make their own art piece to put on the tree and it became a project the entire school participated in.

That’s what Sarah is all about – the idea of community and how everyone should be included.

One of her biggest undertakings was starting up the school’s first Gay/Straight Alliance.

“To have a place where people could ask questions and get educated and we could talk about things and share our opinions,” Carr said. “People could say I don’t agree with that and we end up having a more educated and inclusive environment for everybody.”

“Since she’s arrived at MET school she’s just like this breath of fresh air,” Principal Nancy Janelle said. “She’s so compassionate, and she’s just so inspiring to others, she’s so welcoming.”

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Sarah also decided to start a Zine. A self published student magazine featuring original material where she serves as editor.

class 2016

“There’s recipes, there’s playlists, there’s photography, there’s collages,” Carr said.

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All profits from the sale of “Unity Zine” go to non profits like Women’s Health Clinic and Reaching Out Winnipeg.

The idea behind the magazine is all about getting students to share their experiences.

“I guess our real message is that everybody has something to share and that your experiences could help somebody else,” Carr added.

Whether it’s social justice campaigns or her projects that bring the whole school together, her presence will be missed when she graduates this June.

“I really hope that she’ll be one of these alumni that continue to return and really stay connected to us because she’s been such a great addition to the school,” Janelles said.

For more information on Unity Zine you can visit their Facebook page.

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