Edmontonians wake up to jump at the pumps

File: Consumer pumps gas. GETTY IMAGES

EDMONTON – After a bit of relief over the past couple of weeks, gas prices have once again jumped in Edmonton. Overnight, the price of gas at some stations increased by about 12 cents per litre.

Some stations in the city were selling fuel Tuesday for upwards of 76.9 cents per litre. That’s up from an average of about 64.4 cents per litre Monday.

According to the website, which tracks fuel prices, the average price of gas in Edmonton Tuesday was 73.4 cents per litre. The lowest price in the city was 61.9 cents per litre, which can be found at the Costco gas bars.

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Gas analyst Dan McTeague says wholesale prices went up three cents on Friday and when you add below-cost retail prices to that, you get a double whammy.

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McTeague doesn’t expect the increased gas prices to last beyond this week.

A look at gas price trends in Edmonton. Graphic by Tonia Huynh, Global News

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