Lethbridge Islamic Centre shows community how much they’re appreciated

WATCH ABOVE: The Lethbridge Islamic Centre was inspired to show their appreciation to the local community, who they say have been more than welcoming. Sarolta Saskiw followed the group around as they thanked every single neighbour.

LETHBRIDGE – Even though Christmas is over, that has not stopped the Lethbridge Islamic Centre from spreading some joy.

“It’s a main practice of our prophet that he would always look after his neighbours and he would always exchange gifts,” said Zeeshan Ahmed, the group’s spiritual leader.

He and his members decided to go door-to-door thanking their neighbours in south Lethbridge with chocolates and holiday cards. They wanted to show their appreciation for all of the kindness residents have demonstrated over the 23 years the centre has been in the city.

“Our neighbours have been amazing with us all throughout the year. They put up with our parking and our late nights during Ramadan. They are kind and never do they ever complain,” Ahmed added.

The group first went around on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so on Tuesday afternoon the group went around to the homes they missed because people were away.

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Ahmed explained the response from the community has been overwhelming.

“They know that we don’t celebrate Christmas, but they just thought that it was really nice of us to send them cards and chocolates over these holidays, just as a kind gesture.”

He said he will not stop until they have thanked every single neighbour.

“It is in our faith and our religion to be very kind to our neighbours and to exchange gifts…it is spreading the love.”