Kenya police arrest two men accused of poisoning pride of lions on protected reserve

NAIROBI, Kenya – A Narok County wildlife official says two Maasai herdsmen have been arrested for allegedly poisoning lions in Masaai Mara Game Reserve after the lions killed two of their cows.

Moses Kuyioni said Tuesday a third suspect is still at large.

Footage provided by Porini Camps, Porini guide ‘Big John’, and Gamewatchers Safaris showed one of the lions appearing to retch on Sunday, after allegedly consuming poison.

Kuyioni says the men are suspected of poisoning meat which they set up for the lions to eat.

Two lions from a pride known as the Marsh Pride died, said the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Kuyioni says the lions had attacked the herdsmen’s cattle when they entered the game reserve in western Kenya on Sunday.

Kuyioni says because of land division and urbanization, the Maasai herdsmen have little option but to explore the game reserve for food as their traditional grazing lands have been subdivided to individuals.

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He says human-wildlife conflict is a big threat to the existence of lions in Kenya.

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