WATCH: Hungry alligator crashes Florida man’s picnic

There’s nothing worse than a stranger crashing your picnic and helping himself to your food.

It’s even worse when they have 75 teeth and jaw strength of up to 3500 PSI.

University of Florida student Michael Tamayo was having a picnic near Lake Alice last Wednesday when a bystander, Richard Reed, asked him to take a photo of him and his wife.

That’s when the hungry alligator made its move. By the time Tamayo had turned around, the gator had darted out of the lake onto his picnic blanket and was enjoying a bite of his sandwich.

Reed told WUTF News in Florida he shot the video of the hungry gator as it snaked on Tamayo’s food.

Eventually, he says he and Tamayo were able to shoo the hungry beast back into the lake.


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