Vancouver company offering glasses to combat digital damage

There’s a chance reading this sentence will have an adverse effect on your health.

“Eye strain has overcome carpal tunnel syndrome as one of the leading causes of computer related complaints,” says Claudio Rojas, the Head Optician at Clearly.

The issue is blue light that comes from most digital screens.

“Blue light is a harmful portion of the light spectrum,” says Rojas.

“It’s high energy, short wave. It’s quite commonly found in a lot of digital devices…so we are at high risk of exposure on a daily basis.”

According to the 2015 digital eye strain report by The Vision Council, 72 per cent of adults are not aware of the potential damage that comes from blue light overexposure.

“That causes eye strain and other issues that could have some long-term damage,” says Rojas.

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“You will experiences headaches, blurry eyes, back pain, neck pain.”

It’s one of the reasons Clearly is distributing a new blue filter (made by Kodak) for their glasses with a yellow that helps block blue light. They just donated 700 glasses to Hootsuite, because their employees spend so much time in front of screens.

“The more you use digital devices, the more exposed and affected you will be,” says Rojas.

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