By the numbers: ‘Titantic’ movie

TORONTO – The blockbuster film Titanic is returning
to theatres today in eye-popping 3D.

Producer Jon Landau says director James Cameron spent more
than one year and $18 million on the update.

Landau says he hopes the movie finds a whole new audience
now that it’s returning to theatres, calling it “a big-screen

The reworking comes 15 years after the original film broke
box office records, and 100 years after the ocean liner sank on its maiden
voyage across the Atlantic

Global News looks back at one of the most
commercially successful films of all time.

1995 – Year production the film began

200,000,000 – Estimated movie budget, in dollars. It
was the most expensive film ever made at the time

1997 – Year the film was released

27 – Number of takes it took before the scene in
which Rose spits in Cal’s face was “just right”

774 – Length, in feet, of the Titanic replica

17,000,000 – Depth of tank in which the replica
floated in


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1,000 – Estimated number of extras used in the film

100 – Rose’s age when she recounts her story to a
salvage team

1,843,201,268 – Worldwide gross, in dollars. It was
the first film to reach the billion dollar mark

12 – Number of years Titanic remained the
highest-grossing film of all time. In 2010, Titanic’s director James
Cameron broke his own record with his film, Avatar 

2,500,000 – Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary for the film,
in dollars, according to

2,000,000 – Kate Winslet’s salary for the film, in
dollars, according to

160 – Number of days it took to film the movie

194 – Film’s total running time, in minutes

50 – Number of people that were sent to the hospital
after the catering table was laced with hallucinogens


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– With a file from the The Canadian Press