Stephen Harper and family moving back to Calgary after election defeat

Stephen Harper and family
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen and children Ben and Rachel wave after landing at Ottawa Airport, a day after being defeated by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in the 42nd federal election, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. Justin Tang / The Canadian Press

The Harpers will be moving back to Calgary.

Stephen Harper will soon no longer be prime minister and since he no longer has access to government housing, will be moving back to Calgary and commuting to Ottawa.

Although Harper resigned the Conservative leadership following the party’s election defeat, he did not resign his seat in Calgary Heritage.

According to a Conservative source, Harper will be like many other members of Parliament – living in his constituency and commuting to Ottawa for work.

Last week, Conservative MP Rona Ambrose, who is a friend of the Harpers, told Global News this would likely be a welcome change for the family. “I think they’ll be really excited to move back to Calgary,” she said.

“From what I gather, [Laureen]’s sold her motorcycle and bought a truck and she’s excited to start being able to hike and do all the things she loves outdoors.”
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Stephen and Laureen love Calgary, she said, and deserve some time away from Ottawa. “They’ve served the country for 15 years, so I think it’s time that they had some private time, time with their family, their friends and I’m sure they’re excited about it.”