Conservative leader Stephen Harper wins Calgary Heritage riding

Stephen Harper has held on to his Calgary Heritage riding seat with 62.8 per cent of the vote (with 9.3 per cent of the polls reporting).

During the last election in 2011, the Conservative Leader won 75 per cent of the vote. At that time, the riding was called Calgary Southwest.

Harper has represented the area since 2002, when Reform party founder Preston Manning retired.

Harper, who’s led the Conservative party since 2004 and served as prime minister since 2006, was up against:

  • Matt Masters Burgener, a musician, representing the NDP
  • Brendan Miles, a doctor representing the Liberals
  • Kelly Christie, a construction consultant running for the Green party
  • Korry Zepik, an Independent

Earlier Monday, Harper and his wife Laureen cast their ballots at the Royal Canadian Legion in Calgary.

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Harper’s Conservatives suffered a major blow this election, as Global News is projecting the party will form the Official Opposition to a Liberal majority government.

Full results from the 2015 Federal Election.

More information about the Calgary Heritage riding.

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