Winnipeg is home to the largest Urban Elm Forest in North America

WINNIPEG — Its the largest urban elm forest in North America and it is situated right here in our backyard.

Winnipeg has roughly 270,000 elm trees living within the city limits.  The American Elm is a native species to the city.  In the 1970’s, there were 275,000 elm trees but due to Dutch Elm Disease, the city has lost about 75,000.  That’s according to the city forester, Martha Barwinsky.

Winnipeg is also home to the only city integrated disease management program for dutch elm disease. Each tree that has been found with the elm bark beetle is cut down and marked by city crews, to limit the spread of the disease.

Barwinsky says homeowners should make sure they don’t burn elm wood or leave the wood on their property to help avoid the beetle from making a home in your yard.

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The city forester adds Winnipeg is fortunate to have such a large canopy of trees because it protects us from extremes when it comes to weather and offers us sociological and environmental benefits.


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